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You can see worms everywhere in parks, fields and gardens.

One of the best times to observe worms is when the ground is wet.

Go outside after it has been raining hard and look at the ground.
Do you see any worms on the surface of the ground?

When the rainwater enters the soil it forces the air out. Worms respire through their skin and they need air for respiration. When the rain forces the air out hey come to the surface to respire.





Build yourself a wormery.


You will need a large jar, some soil and a few worms.
Fill the jar with soil.
Make sure the soil is moist but not too wet.
Add some worms to your jar and put it in a dark place for a day.

When you bring it out what do you see?
What have the worms done?

Put some tiny bits of leaves and grass on the top of the soils and observe
what the worms do.
Pour some water on the top and observe whether the worms come to the

When you have finished with your wormery, empty it back into the garden or a
near-by field so that the worms can continue their good work.




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