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When we began, a few years ago, we were able to provide a good homework help service, with a fast turn-around. We regret that we are no longer able to maintain our own high standards owing to other business commitments, and so have taken the drastic step to discontinue this service. We will leave our existing pages intact in case any of our answers are of help to users, and will, from time to time, add questions and answers we have provided to our own students.

When we published we may have changed the wording of the question, but have never lost sight of its intent.

We have not, nor will we ever publish any names nor divulge any personal details such as e-mails, nor will we divulge any such details to third parties.

Our answers have been provided by:

Marilyn: read English, History, Philosophy as an undergraduate; Business Management as a postgraduate. Research interests: interpersonal relations; stress management; IT as a learning resource.

Dave: read Chemistry, Physics as an undergraduate; followed by Psychology, Sociology, Educational Management; Education as a postgraduate. Research interests: scientific illustration - its use in improving understanding of concepts; student assessment; student acquisition of science language.

We reserve the right not to publish questions or answers that we consider may cause offence or are not within the aims and objectives of this site.

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