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has an enquiring mind and is developing good exploratory techniques

is able to plan an investigation with confidence

thinks critically and is able to redesign experiments when necessary

has taken an active part in the planning and setting up of experiments

can carry out an investigation sensibly and safely

shows keen interest in this subject and is able to carry out experiments and record findings accurately

is able to record and interpret observations in a skilful way

collects and handles data with confidence

is able to plan a fair test in an attempt to solve a problem

can explore, make predictions and evaluate findings in an organised way

handles equipment and apparatus confidently and carefully when carrying out experiments

makes accurate measurements and handles data efficiently

uses a range of measuring instruments carefully and competently

has the ability to criticise constructively and raises interesting questions

listens and responds well to information and ideas presented by others during group discussions


does not record work carefully enough so the end result does not reflect the hard work which went into the practical activity

needs to develop a more organised approach to investigations

can respond well to suggestions but does not put forward ideas of his/her own

lacks perseverance and concentration and work reflects this

needs to develop the confidence to both ask and answer questions during class discussions

needs to record conclusions to experiments in more detail




Knowledge and Understanding

understands a wide range of scientific processes

enjoys all aspects of science and demonstrates a sound understanding of basic concepts

understands and copes well with abstract concepts

enjoys the challenge of practical problems and uses skill and knowledge effectively to overcome them

uses concepts, knowledge and skills to ask questions and is able to design investigations to answer them

has a thirst for scientific knowledge and reads widely to increase understanding

is beginning to show greater independence when selecting information from a range of sources

is developing an awareness and understanding of living things and their habitats

shows sensitivity and a caring attitude towards the welfare and protection of living things

has taken responsibility for the care of animals in the classroom

has approached the study of the local environment with enthusiasm

has a good understanding of the factors which contribute to good health

understands the concept of energy and how it affects our everyday lives

has a good knowledge and understanding of the structure and main features of the Earth

can be relied onto make intelligent contributions to group and class discussions


needs to use a wider range of source material when gathering information

more care is required in the presentation and explanation of findings and ideas

needs to show more respect and care for living things when selecting and using them for study purposes

needs careful explanation of some of the more difficult concepts, but when confident can work well

must listen more carefully to explanations in an effort to improve understanding