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Overview of Performance



is consistently sensible and hard working

has an enquiring mind and good general knowledge

is always enthusiastic

has the ability to work independently

is an asset to the group/form/class/year/school

his/her confidence has increased

is anxious to please

is keen to do well

works independently with speed and accuracy

takes great pride in his/her work

shows persistent effort and determination

has mastered many of the necessary skills and is able to apply this knowledge to a variety of activities

shows a responsible attitude

shows consideration towards others at all times

is a pleasant and well motivated student who clearly gains much from school and gives much in return

continues to make a positive contribution to the class through cheerfulness, enthusiasm and perseverance

has the ability and commitment to excel in all subjects




has a tendency to produce untidy work as he/she is always in a rush to finish

somewhat reluctant to accept classroom rules and discipline

poor attendance has hindered progress

has shown little interest so far and needs persuasion to join in activities

must learn to cooperate more with adults if he/she wishes to be happy/successful at school

mood affects work quality and output

shows a very short attention span

needs to realise that self-discipline is the key to success and happiness at school

must try to develop a more positive attitude towards work rather than attempting to distract other members of the class

must avoid the tendency to chatter and needs to recognise the value of concentrated attention