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Make some shadow pictures

Hand Shadows

You need:

1. A screen of white cloth, about 1 metre square, fastened to the wall and pulled tight so there are no creases.

A large sheet of perfectly smooth white paper will also work.

2. A good torch for casting shadows.

Remember to keep your torch on a level with your hands and to stand to one side of the screen so your body does not get in the audience's way. Of course somebody will have to hold the torch for you and all other lights should be out!!

Making the Pictures.

A Rabbit. Stretch your right thumb down and your forefinger up as far as it will go, while you push your second and third fingers out, slightly bent, as in the picture. With your left hand bend your forefinger against your upright forefinger of your right hand, and bring your thumb to touch the last mentioned finger, making a little loop as shown. Stick your second and third fingers of your left hand upright, although slightly bent. Your two hands should now look like the picture and the shadow should be a rabbit. (A bit tricky eh?)



A Butterfly. This is a bit easier! Stretch both of your thumbs, keeping the four fingers of each bunched together. Cross your hands with your thumbs crooked in one another, and the butterfly will be ready to fit on to the screen.


A Swan. Both your arms must have the sleeves pushed up high. The right one needs to be bent up from your elbow. Stretch your third and fourth fingers horizontally, bend the first and second loosely on themselves and bring your thumb to rest naturally on their tips. Hold your left hand easily at the crook of your elbow as in the picture, and your swan is complete.


A Greyhound. Stretch out your right thumb and close your fingers together. With your left hand bend your thumb outwards, double your forefinger, and bring your middle finger down to touch the first finger of your right hand.




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