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English Comments


Speaking and Listening

is able to listen to the views and opinions of others

is confident and well organised when speaking about an event or activity

is able to present clear and detailed explanations and descriptions to convey information and ideas effectively

is always willing to act as spokesperson in group activity

is always prepared to express personal views and ideas in group discussions

is able to give, receive and follow complex instructions accurately

enjoys role play and drama

listens with interest and sustained concentration

follows instructions carefully

is able to give and explain simple instructions

enjoys talking about a wide variety of interests and asks questions readily

is able to provide clear and vivid descriptions of real and imaginary events



must try to express ideas more clearly

needs to be more aware that standard English must be used when speaking in a more formal situation

needs to listen to the views and opinions of others

is not always willing to enter into discussions

must try to concentrate for longer periods when listening

must listen to, and follow instructions more carefully

must realise the importance of taking turns when expressing a point of view

needs to develop the confidence to take a more active role in drama work