Be a Super Searcher and see if you can find the answers to these ten questions in the section "Living Things and Life Processes".


a: Print out this sheet.

b: Write your answers in the space provided.

c: When you have finished pass it to your teacher.

Question 1:

All living things share the same seven life processes. These seven life processes are:


R __________________

N __________________

G __________________

M __________________

R ___________________

S ___________________

E ___________________


Question 2:

All living things need O______ to stay alive.

Question 3:

Living things use oxygen to turn ____________ into energy.

Question 4:

Mammals obtain oxygen by the process of breathing.

They use _________________ to do this.

Question 5: Now try this one!

Some animals that live under water obtain their oxygen

through ________________.

6: All living things are made up of millions of _________.

Question 7:

Tick the box you think is correct!

* Animals can make their own food.


* Animals cannot make their own food, so they have to eat plants and other animals.



* Most green plants cannot make their own food.



* Most green plants are able to make their own food.



Question 8: This is quite difficult!

The green colour called chlorophyll found in a plant's leaf, together with sunlight allows carbon-dioxide and water to be combined to make food.

This process is called_________________________.

Question 9:

Write down three waste products that living things remove from their bodies by the process of excretion.





Question 10: Last one!!

Find out what the five senses are and write them down below.