Be a Super Searcher and see if you can find the answers to these ten questions in the sections about electricity.


a: Print out the following sheets.

b: Write your answers in the spaces provided.

c: When you have finished pass the sheet to your teacher.

Question 1:

Rubbing the surface of a material with another material can make it have an e_______________________ c_______________________.

Question 2:

Rubbing a glass rod with silk makes it lose e_______________________, so it becomes p_______________________ charged.

Question 3:

Clouds can become heavily charged with e_______________________. Lightning, which is a heavily charged electrical s_______________________ then passes between the clouds and the e_______________________.

Question 4:

Most of the large appliances in our home are powered by M_______________________ E_______________________.

Question 5:

Lots of the appliances are fitted with p_______________________ that can be inserted into a s_______________________.

Question 6:

Many small electrical appliances use b_______________________.

Some of these are ______________________________________________.

Question 7:

Electricity will only flow in a c_______________________ c_______________________.

Question 8:

Never play with p_______________________ or s_______________________, or anything that uses e_______________________.

Question 9:

Never play near p_______________________ or overhead c_______________________.

Remember: ELECTRICITY CAN K_______________________!

Question 10:

Lightning follows simple paths to the g_______________________. To stay safe, keep away from tall t_______________________ in a t_______________________ and do not stand in fields or on the top of a hill.