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Question: Please could you tell me what springs are used for at home.  


Answer: A spring is made of an elastic material that changes in shape, or deforms when a force is applied to it.

Springs are used in spring balances, also called forcemeters for weighing. A forcemeter looks like this:

Springs are used to store energy in watch and clock springs or door-closing springs. Springs are used to give you a more comfortable ride and are part of the suspension of a car. They also reduce vibration by using rubber blocks. Springs have different shapes depending on what they are used for. A weighing spring, for example, is normally wound as a helix. Watch springs are wound as spiral coils. Sets of flat bars or leaves are used as leaf springs in car suspensions.

Switches have springs - think of your lightswitch. Some mattresses and chairs have springs. If you have a certain type of electric door bell, this also has a spring. You might have seen some clockwork toys - these have a key that winds a spring so energy is stored and then can be released. If you have a bike, look at the saddle - does it have springs?

To put it briefly, some home uses of springs are:
1. Weighing devices.
2. Clocks and watches.
3. Door-closing springs.
4. Light switches.
5. Electric bells.
6. Mattresses.
7. Chairs.
8. Toys.
9. Car and bike suspensions.





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