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The snail sees nothing but his own shell and thinks it the grandest place in the world. (PROVERB).




Some snails live on land and some live in water.

The body of the snail is soft but snails have the perfect home which is their shell.

The snail can retreat into its shell when danger threatens.

The spiral shell gives it protection from predators and from being damaged.

Land snails are very well adapted to changing weather conditions.

Some land snails have very thick shells.

Snails that live in moist areas usually have thinner shells.

Some snails that live in the desert can stay sealed in their thick shells for two or more years. 

Some types of snails are called "burrowing snails." These are only found above ground in rainy weather. When the weather is hot and dry they burrow about 7.5 to 15 cm into the ground and become dormant until rain softens the ground.





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