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Question: What are some sea mammals in addition to Whale, Dolphin, Sea Lion and Walrus?




Some others are:

The Common Seal which is found in Northern Oceans. It was hunted for its soft-under fur which provided seal skin. The Inuit (Eskimos) used seals a lot for skins, food and oil for heating and lighting.

The Sea Otter of the Northern Pacific Ocean has flipper-like feet a bit like those of a seal. It feeds on shell-fish and sea-urchins and has been hunted for its fur.

The Northern Sea Bear is smaller than the sea lion and has larger ears. It has been hunted for its under-fur.

The Sea Elephant of the Pacific Ocean is a mountainous species of seal. It is a slow mover and has a trunk that seems to be able to get bigger by swelling up.

The Grampus or Killer is a huge glossy-black member of the dolphin family. It is a fierce attacker of its prey - mainly fish, seal and porpoises and is very greedy. It is found in the Arctic and Antarctic Oceans.

The Narwhal is a type of whale and is found in the Arctic. It is interesting because it has a straight, spirally-twisted tusk.

The Porpoise is found in the North Atlantic and North Pacific. It travels in a shoal and lives only on fish.

The Dugong or Sea Cow is a gentle, inoffensive aquatic mammal. It has thick lips and a short snout which help it browse the vegetation of the tropical seas.

The Manatee is also known as a Sea Cow.

The Polar Bear could also be included if you want to put a mammal closely associated with the sea.





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