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This means that they make copies of themselves before they die.


 To be able to reproduce their own kind, animals and plants have to be mature.



The very first living things on earth were very small and simple.

So, when they were fully grown they just split into two smaller copies of themselves.

These animals belong to a group known as protists.

An amoeba is a protist.

Its body is a single cell and reproduces by dividing.





When animals became larger and the number of cells increased, they became more complicated and so some began to bud off young ones.

When the young became strong enough they separated from the parent.

A creature such as hydra, does this.




As animals became more complex, their cell numbers increased again and so they had to find other ways to reproduce.


Some animals reproduce by laying eggs

Frogs lay eggs. This is called frog spawn

Some snakes lay eggs.

Most fish lay eggs

Insects lay eggs.

When the young of these animals hatch out they have to take care of themselves.



Many other animals reproduce by laying eggs.

Birds lay eggs. The young hatch from the eggs.

They are then reared by the adult birds.


Mammals make eggs and sperm, but the eggs stay inside the mother's body until they have grown into baby animals and are ready to be born.

Dogs are mammals

Cows are mammals

Rabbits are mammals

We are mammals




Plants which have flowers reproduce from seeds.

The new seedlings then grow into plants.