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Q. How are EARTHWORMS able to live in soil?

Earthworms are able to live in soil because of the way their bodies are constructed. Their flat pointed head helps them to dig through the soil..

The soil is food for the earthworm. They need the nutrients from the organic matter contained in it. The nutrients are extracted as the soil passes through the worm's body.

The worms leave little mounds of earth at the entrance to their burrows. This is soil that has been digested by the worms and are called worm casts. You can often see worm casts on lawns and fields.

Worms also drag bits of straw and leaves into their burrows and drag small stones to the entrance. They do this to let the air in so they can breathe.

Worms do this work at night to avoid being eaten by predators.

All this work carried out by worms moves the soil around, letting in air and water which helps the farmer and the gardener.


Did you know that just a few earthworms can move a lorry load of soil in a year!!




Earthworms are also very valuable links in the food chain as they provide food for birds and small animals.


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