Be a Super Searcher and see if you can find the answers to these nine questions in the section "What is Soil".


a: Print out this sheet.

b: Use the sheet to search the section "What is soil"

c: Write your answers in the space provided.

d: When you have finished pass it to your teacher.

Question 1

See if you can find the four components of soil and then write them down below:


G __________________ R___________

H __________________

W __________________

A __________________

Question 2

See if you can find 3 things soil is useful for and them write them below.




Question 3

Soil is made up of rock, ground down over thousands of years by rain, running water, frost, heat and wind.

Is this correct?


Question 4

Now see if you know which layer of soil contains the most nutrients and write it below.



Question 5

Now see if you can complete this sentence!!


The top layer of soil is called ________________ and is made up from



Question 6

See if you can name each of these types of soil from the descriptions.

A) This soil is light and dry.It contains large amounts of air and so water passes through easily.

This is s_____________ soil.


B) This soil is very heavy and quite sticky when it when it is wet. Because it is so sticky and heavy, water does not pass through easily.

This is c_____________ soil.


C) This soil is full of tiny stones and because of this water drains away very quickly.

This is g_____________ soil.

Question 7

Thousands of tiny creatures live in soil. Can you name three of them.





Question 8

Worms are some of the animals that live in soil. See if you can find two ways worms are useful for the soil and for wildlife. Now write them down below.





Question 9 -Phew!! last one.

Tick the animals you think might visit humus for food.