Be a Super Searcher and see if you can find the answers to these ten questions in the section "TEETH".

a: Print out this sheet.
b: Write your answers in the space provided.
c: When you have finished pass it to your teacher.


Q1) How many sets of teeth do humans have?


A1) ___________________________________________________________________


Q2) When does your first set of teeth begin to appear?


A2) ___________________________________________________________________


Q3) What are these first teeth called?


A3) ___________________________________________________________________


Q4) How old are you when your second set of teeth starts to appear?


A4) ___________________________________________________________________


Q5) How many teeth does an adult human have?


A5) ___________________________________________________________________


Q6) How many sets of teeth do you have in your life?


A6) ___________________________________________________________________


Q7) Why do we have teeth?


A7) ___________________________________________________________________


Q8) What is the white outer coating of your teeth called?


A8) ___________________________________________________________________


Q9) What causes your teeth to decay?


A9) ___________________________________________________________________


Q10) List three ways you can help to stop your teeth from decaying


A10) ___________________________________________________________________