Be a Super Searcher and see if you can find the answers to these ten questions in the section "Materials".


a: Print out this sheet.

b: Write your answers in the space provided.

c: When you have finished pass it to your teacher.

Question 1:

Some rocks do NOT allow water to pass through them.

What are these rocks called



Question 2:

Some rocks are made up of lots of rocks pressed together.

What are these rocks called?



Question 3:

Some rocks contain the skeletons of animals and plants that lived thousands of years ago. What are these rocks called?



Question 4:

Some rocks are very hard and some are soft. Write down below -1 hard rock and 1 soft rock.


A hard rock is ______________________________.

A soft rock is________________________________.

Question 5: Tick the box below you think is correct.

Wood comes from trees.

Wood is a

Wood is a


Question 6: Can you complete the following sentence?

Most hard woods come from ________________________ trees.

Question 7:

Now try this sentence!


Most soft woods come from ________________________ trees.

Question 8: Here is another sentence for you to complete.

Man-made materials are called __________________ materials.

Question 9: Have a go at completing the sentence below.

Plastic is a _________________________ material.

Question 10: Last one!!

Have a long look around the room you are working in and write down what different materials you can see and where they are used.