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The Habitat of the Polar Bear

The polar bear lives on the sea ice of arctic ocean, where it is intensely cold for most of the year.

The polar bear is adapted to life in the extreme cold in the following ways:


  The polar bear is longer than other bears and its body is streamlined for swimming.  

The polar bear has very thick fur to keep it warm on the land and in the icy water.

It has long hair between the pads on its feet. This helps to keep them warm and to help the bear to walk on the ice.


The polar bear has stiff hairs on its front legs and very broad front feet to help it to swim.

There are five very sharp claws on each foot for grasping the ice and its prey.

It has a very strong sense of smell and can smell its prey from a great distance.

  The polar bear is a greyish white for camouflage against the ice and snow.  


Polar bear cubs are born in midwinter. The mother makes a hollow under the snow where the cubs are born. They stay with their mother in the warm under the snow until the spring.