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Earthworms are absolutely deaf, they have no eyes, no tongue, and no teeth.

Q. So how do they sense things?


Earthworms smell and taste with their upper lip.

All the body is sensitive to light and vibration of the ground.

They are very alert and slip back into the ground if they sense vibrations.

Some vibrations bring the worms to the surface.

Watch how certain birds stamp the ground with their feet, to encourage the worms to come to the surface and when they pop out the birds eat them.

Earthworms have no legs, feet or hands.




Q. So how do they move?


Earthworms move in a straight line by making their bodies first short and then long.

In order to get a grip, they have eight tiny bristles underneath each ring.


Q. Where do earthworms go in the winter?


As soon as the cold weather begins, the earthworm empties its body of soil, digs deep into the soil and goes to sleep.



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