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 Question: What can you tell me about mange lifecycles?



 Answer: Mange is caused by the Demodex parasite, of which there are several species. the different species affect cats, dogs, goats, pigs and cattle. The parasite is a mite, a member of the arachnid group, having four pairs of legs. It burrows into the skin, inside the hair follicles and into the sebaceous glands of the skin. The life cycle goes through several stages:

1. Egg

2. Six legged larval stage.

3. Protonymph.

4. Deuteronymph.

5. Adult.

The adult is the sexually mature stage and the rapid reproduction of the mite is by mating, sexual reproduction; not asexual generation. The time taken to metamorphose from egg to adult is approximately 2 to 3 weeks. The metamorphosis is also a gradual process, not involving pupae (as moths and butterflies employ). the mite causes severe inflammation and often secondary bacterial infection. This causes localized fur loss and irritation of the underlying area. the disease is also known as scabies.

Further information on scabies and lice with pictures can be obtained from: http://www.headlice.org



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