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Some facts about light 

Light travels in straight lines.      A pinhole camera made from a cardboard box has a lighted candle placed in front of it.   

  An inverted image on the screen shows the light rays travel from the candle in straight lines. 
      Motor car headlamps give straight beams of light.   

Light travels very fast indeed.      Light travels much more quickly than sound.   

  Think of a thunder storm. You see the flash of lightning before you hear the crash of thunder. 

The speed of light is about

300 000 km per second. 

  The currently accepted value is 299 792 km/s based on several measurements.    Sometimes we write the speed as 300 000 000 m/s 
Light doesn't usually go round things.      If something is in the way of light like this:   


Then you get a shadow. 

about shadows.