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Question: Could you please tell me something about mammals that lay eggs? 


Answer: All mammals that lay eggs are placed in the group (Order) called Monotremata. The members of this Order (monotremes) are found only in Australia, Tasmania, and New Guinea. Monotremes have eggs with a flexible, sticky, leatherlike shell. The eggs are incubated and hatched outside the body of the mother.

There are only three living species in this order - one species of platypus and two species of echidna. This order is highly unusual. While it shares most of its characteristics with other mammals, it also has some distinctly birdlike and reptilelike characteristics. The most unusual feature of members of this order is that they lay eggs. In fact, monotremes are the only mammals to do so. Also, even though they are warm blooded they have a hard time regulating their own temperature - a distinctly reptilian trait. Monotremes are only found in Australia and New Guinea. The platypus is aquatic and the echidna is terrestrial.  




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