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Child Stress

Some form of stress may affect the baby before it is even born. The expectant mother may have high stress in a number of cases. These can include such things as an unplanned, unanted baby, insufficient income for the baby, a lack of physical space for the baby, other very young children, poor nutrition, poor prenatal care, physical complications (things like nausea, swelling,high blood pressure etc.), a fear of the birth, a fear that a baby will bring about a loss of freedom and a fear or knowledge that the baby will be deformed or diseased. One study has shown there can be a relationship between mother's stress level and baby's temperament at birth. On the other hand other research has found it very difficult to measure a link between the woman's psychological state and the baby's emotionalstate at birth and concluded that nervous, worried women may digest food less well and smoke more than those who are more confident and these factors could affect the unborn child more than the adrenalin or other physiological factors associated directly with stress. It would appear that a relaxed and safe pregnancy is good for baby and mother and so it would make sense that as many as possible of the conditions outlined previously are avoided.