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Question: What is contained in a bee sting? 



Answer: Bee stings vary from species to species.

You will find that there are some common elements. These are such things as:

1. Melittin, which is the largest active component of the bee venom. If a person is stung, then this causes the release of histamine and can lower the blood pressure.
2. Phospholipase a, which causes the pain and releases toxins into the body.
3. Hyaluronidase, which allows the toxins to spread.
4. Acid phosphatase, which induces allergic reactions.
5. Histamine, which causes itching and pain.

You probably know that a honey bee will generally sting only to protect itself, as owing to the shape of its sting (a barb shape, rather like a fishing hook), the bee cannot withdraw the sting without tearing its abdomen, which results in its death. 



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