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Soil is home to thousands of animals. Many are too small to be seen, but every single one is important.

All these creatures play a part in breaking down the rotting plants and dead animals and turning them into nutrients for new plants to grow.


 Slugs and snails

Slugs and snails eat dead creatures and plants.

They are a good food supply for birds and hedgehogs.



Earthworms burrow through the soil making it looser and letting in air. They are food for the birds and beetles.  


Ants live in large colonies and burrow in the soil to build their nests. They eat a wide variety of food.  

 Beetles and earwigs

There are lots of different types of beetles. Some eat wood and some eat plants. Some eat other creatures and some eat dung.

Earwigs eat roots. leaves and dead creatures.



Woodlice live in damp places. They eat decaying things.

Their favourites are dead wood and leaves.


Centipedes live under stones and in the soil. They eat other living creatures.  

Millipedes mainly eat decaying things and help to turn them back into useful things for the soil.  


Many spiders weave webs to catch flies and other insects for food.